No Glass of Wine?

I was sad to read the news in this morning's paper saying there is no safe amount of wine for women to drink. Do I believe it? (I ask as I sip my Merlot.) What's a mom to think? Are there more factors to consider?

I exercise regularly (about 5 times a week) and eat healthy (no preservatives, here). But I am probably at high risk for cancer because of my mom, my dad and my grandfather. I don't smoke or have any other vices other than this one guilty little pleasure in the evening. So what am I to think of this news? Next thing you know they'll be saying coffee is bad for me too. That is when my world will really end!


purplemommy said...

I have refused to even acknowledge this bit of news.

Jon said...

meh. just give it 6 months or so and they will come out with another study to contradict this one.

I said, meh!

DianeCG said...

yeah, but wine is good for preventing heart disease, and isn't heart disease a bigger killer for women?? Seriously, you can get cancer from breathing. Personally, I think stress is a bigger factor, so drink up... or maybe that's the wine talking....Tee Hee