Bead up his nose?

The phone rang and the caller ID showed the school calling. Crap. I panicked immediately. The last time I saw this number Alex broke his finger and we endured three weeks of a cast.

I picked up the phone. “Hi Linda. It’s[the director] from preschool.” I’m trying to make niceties and then I hear it. The crying in the background. “Alex has a beam up his nose.” A what? A what?” A beam. Is that like a beam up his nose and into his brain. OMG. I freak out like I never have before. “What do you mean he has a beam up his nose? How did that happen?”

She responds, “They were playing with beams and one went up, and we can’t get it out.” I stop. Wait a minute. Did she say bean? Bean. OK, bean up the nose is more realistic. Don’t panic. Hang up and drive. Call doctor on the way and explain situation and ask what’s the best course of action. Fifteen minutes? Yes, we can do that. Drive.

Fortunately, we had just finished looking at a house (which we actually put an offer on today) and hubby was with me, and my parents were in the car behind. We pulled up at school, and I darted. Outside my boy was sitting on the pavement with all the other kids for car line sobbing. I grabbed him and got the 5- second scoop and took off to the doctors. Admittedly, I panicked and probably overreacted. But this was the second incident in a month.

We raced to the doctor’s office and once my husband got him settled, he managed to get him to blow out the bead.

I’m considering pulling him from school . . .

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Smiling Mama said...

That does sound scary. Hope he's okay. Good luck with that offer.