Our household is filled with stress these days. The only good thing helping with this is our house has been decluttered and all our CRAP is in POD somewhere in Loudon County. So the upside to everything is our house is clean! (Ok, minus the basement which is now filled with piles of paperwork for the house.)

Here's the update. The owners of the house accepted our offer so in about a month we should be moving into our new home in Vienna! I'm super excited.

Now we have to rent our house....quickly. I guess that's not as stressful as selling, but still it means getting it rented to someone who will take care of our investment.

The most stressful thing has been preschool. I have decided to pull Alex out of school after the bead incident. I feel it's best for him since I have doubts about the current situation there. I'm keeping Anna in because I totally love her teachers. While in my mind I know keeping him out of school for the eight remaining weeks is really the best thing, and I do believe I'm making the best decision, it is inconvenient for me. It means I will have to find constructive things for he and I to do together and get a little "homeschooling" in while he's out of school. He's already more than ready for kindergarten (yesterday he read his first book!) but it means me readjusting my expectations for the days ahead. The move makes this even more difficult.


Anonymous said...

Hey- just want you to know I'm thinking about you !!!!!

You're awesome and an awesome mom - peace!

You are in my good thoughts and good prayers :)

Ainsley said...

How exciting! Renting can be stressful... we are fortunate to have wonderful tenants in our VA home, but they're probably buying a home this summer, which means the scary process begins again for us. Good luck in your move and finding good tenants!