Kindergarten Orientation

We had kindergarten orientation this week. Did you hear me? My oldest kid starts kindergarten in the fall. Holy *&^)! As I sat in the room with all these other moms, many who looked like they too were novices of this public school game and many who were long time veterans, I just couldn't get over that I was sitting here. I remember the day he was born like it was yesterday. Sure the days, weeks, months, years have passed and much of it was a blur, but how did we get to this moment. Will I feel the same at graduation in 13 years? Thirteen years?

Anyway, the orientation went well. I was a bit confused when they showed pictures of the teachers helping the kids to zip their jackets. Apparently this is a skill 5-year-olds usually learn in kindergarten. What? My three-year old can zip her jacket!

Oh, and don't forget the part where Alex wrote with a Crayola marker on the chalkboard. Uh huh...way to make a stellar first impression on the teacher! I guess someone had left the marker on the chalk tray and he thought that meant it was OK to color on the chalkboard. Perfect!


Anonymous said...

I just went to Kindergarten orientation too!!!!!

I can't believe how old our little ones are getting...

Adil said...

hey buddy that is awesome i like this too much.adil shana