Rocknoceros: PINK!

We have been nothing but PINK! in our house for the past week. Rocknoceros, one of our kids favorite bands, launched its new CD this week. Since they are from Northern Virginia, we were able to attend their CD launch party at Vienna's Jammin Java. Rock on! You really must check out the title song.

Rocknoceros is comprised of Coach Cotton, Williebob, and Boogie Woogie Bennie. It took my son a while to warm up to these guys for whatever reason. He loves them, but every time he saw them in concert he would cry. I finally figured out why....he felt pressure to dance, apparently. Whatever, kid. My daughter loves them and was up front in her pink dress leading the crowd this past weekend. My son was finally up there rockin' out with the rest of the preschool crowd minus the tears.

So why PINK? At Rocknoceros’ live shows, the band always asks fans about their favorite colors, and invariably, the shouts for “Pink!” are overwhelming. So, due to popular demand (especially from their young female fans), the title track of the new CD reflects the rosy color of little pigs, bubble gum and selected flowers known as perennials.

Our favorites on the new CD include Pink (both my kids think this song is the greatest), Always Tell Your Grandma That You Love Her and Big Wheel. (Really, how fast does a big wheel go?)

Great job guys on the latest CD. Can't wait to catch you at the next concert!


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geemiz said...

I found pink too girly but still I like the color pink. i have read somewhere that pink actually is the color for men so i bought my hubby pink shirts and pink polo. Good thing it suits him