School at Home: Week 4

Last week was Food Week for Home at School. I was impressed by how much BOTH my kids learned. We checked out books on all the food groups: grains, vegetables, fruits, fats, meats and milk.

Fortunately, it coincided with Alex starting a cooking class at a the Vienna Community Center. It's called a Fairy Tale feast where they read a story and then make the food. Love the idea!!!

We talked about all the different types of foods and how every food fits into at least one of the categories. Then we took to the Wednesday food ads. Both kids spent at least an hour cutting up food pictures from the circulars, and we pasted them in their corresponding food category. They really thought this was a worthy project. We talked quite a bit about the food pyramid and what foods we should eats lots of and what foods we had to limit. My kids keep coming back to my husband's book "150 Healthiest Foods on Earth." They like to go through this book and see what foods they like and which ones have a star (the super foods!)

Alex and I took a special trip to Whole Foods to see how even the store is organized by food groups--fruits and veggies, meat, grains, etc. Bonus for us was Emeril Lagasse was filming his Planet Green series at the Fairfax Whole Foods. This launched us into a whole other discussion about TV food shows. Which then led to coming home and watching a few on the computer. Alex wanted to know why people had to watch TV to learn how to cook. Good week. Good topic.

This week . . . Safety Week!

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